"Where Your Best Friend Is Our Best Friend"
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     Hi!  Welcome to Best Friend Pet Center's website.  My name is Fred and I own and operate Best Friend Pet Center.  Please read further to learn something about myself and my facility.

    After years of boarding my own pets and many more of research, I felt I would indulge my lifelong passion for animals and open a boarding facility for dogs, cats, and other house pets needing care while their owners are away or otherwise busy.  I designed a building using modern ideas and materials, adopted modern screening policies for the benefit of all my guests and created a setting that I would feel comfortable leaving my own pets in.  On October 26, 2002 Best Friend Pet Center opened!

    For the dogs we have a room that is well lit with windows and fluorescent lights during the day and nightlights during the evening.  Relaxing pet music plays 24 hours per day.  The floors are vinyl commercial tile like many kitchens, offices and hospitals use.  This type of flooring is smooth and does not hold moisture or odors.  Heat is provided by both underground radiant tubing and forced air furnaces.  The floor and air are kept nice and warm when the cold weather hits.  Central air conditioning runs every day from just about the time the heat is turned off until it is no longer needed in the Fall.  This keeps humidity at a minimum and is very important for the health of your pet.  This means the room where your pet will stay is always a comfortable temperature no matter the time of year.  Solid polymer divider panels give your pet privacy from their next door neighbor.  Hanging from the ceiling and through the aisle are sound absorption panels.  These remove any echo the room may have.  The outside patio area for each guest also uses a solid divider panel and is under roof.  A privacy fence surrounds the entire kennel area.  

    Cats and exotic pets have their own climate controlled room which also has soothing music playing.   A large window will let in the afternoon sun and let them look outside to help pass the day when we aren't tending to them.  This room is separate from the dogs' area.

    Best Friend Pet Center is a relatively small operation.  This allows me to provide a very personalized service.  I know all of my guests by name and they get used to seeing the same faces every day.  We have what I refer to as a "camp-like atmosphere", with all our canine guests getting outside activities throughout the day.  And when they aren't outside playing, they are enjoying the company of both humans and other pets.  After all, dogs are pack animals.  You do not need to worry about your pet feeling lonely when they are here.  This goes a long way in relieving any stress they may be experiencing.  Cats are also taken out of their enclosures for personal attention and to explore inside the office area.  I am always looking for ways to improve your pet's experience here.  Please take the time to find out more by following the links or contacting me.

    And please visit the NEWS page for any updates and additional information!  Otherwise most of your questions may be answered on our FAQs page.

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